Life Changes After COVID-19: Where will you be?

Ever since COVID-19 we have been quarantined in our homes, re-purposing areas within our homes into spaces we might not of ever consider before. The dining room table became the new office, the kitchen a school room, a corner of the bedroom your sanctuary. The density of the community felt smothering. Our homes may be pushing the limits of comfort and space. Are you beginning to think of a different kind of property, new features, amenities or location that will provide a revamped way of life?

As Jimmy Buffet sang in “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes”, this experience may have you looking to relocate altogether or put your money toward a dream “shelter-in-place” escape instead.

Whether you may want a second home that can be monetized as a vacation rental to offset costs and provide some income or a location that promotes a healthy living environment, Kauai offers both.
Properties boasting outdoor living areas with huge patios, outdoor kitchens, TVs, fire pits and pools that can be used for relaxation, fun, exercise and meditation will become the new norm along with flexible work arrangements. Functional floor plans that can used for multiple purposes, such as a workspace, schooling, hobbies, yoga, meditation, guest or in-laws will be key features sought after and are abundant on Kauai.

As we transition to a gradual reopening of the U.S., homes and locations that provide a much-needed escape and the chance to experience an entirely new lifestyle several months of the year – if not as a full-time residence will be highly desirable. Kauai has mountain, beach, resort, and coastal properties all which promote a healthy less dense living environment and outdoor lifestyle.

If you wish to explore Kauai’s options, Donna Rice, senior real estate advisor with Elite Pacific Properties is available to discuss your needs to explore the right location and property that would meet your personal space and lifestyle. She can be reached at 808-651-2840 or Search for properties ideas at
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