Two virus test system for Kauai Traveler

Kauai County wants to start a two-test system to detect COVID-19 infections for travelers flying to Kauai. This will be a pilot program that implements additional rules and regulation specifically for Kauai.
Gov. David Ige has initiated starting Oct 15th anyone traveling to the state of Hawaii and has received a negative COVID test no sooner than 72 hours prior to arriving in Hawaii may avoid the 14-day quarantine currently in place. Kauai’s Mayor Derek S.K. Kawakami has asked the Governor to approve a second pilot test program for 72 hours post arrival on Kauai. The new post-arrival policy would require incoming trans-pacific travelers to take the pre-test as part of the state’s program to be eligible for the Kauai post-arrival test program. The mayor’s office released this statement Thursday afternoon, “This program would require all travelers – transpacific and interisland – who wish to avoid a full 14-day quarantine to take a test no sooner than 72 hours after arrival to Kauai”. The Mayor is still awaiting Governor approval.
Kauai has been relative virus free with most Kauai residents and businesses applauding this extra step to ensure safety for visitors and residents. The two-test system would allow visitors and residents to self-quarantine for 3 days upon arrival to Kauai, then take a rapid COVID test. If negative they would be released from quarantine. Kauai has purchased 15,000 rapid, same-day COVID-19 test for the second test. Travelers who have not received a negative result from a first test within 72 hours of arriving on Kauai will not be able to participate in the second rapid test, instead they will need to quarantine the full 14 days.

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