Luxury Market Report Nov 2020

2020 has been a crazy year with unexpected outcomes that has affected everyone no matter their age.  Some changes are obvious with COVID-19 but most of the changes are subtle with the outcomes yet to be seen.  Some of these changes are apparent in the real estate market, particularly in the luxury market and rural areas.  As people are experiencing new lifestyles, working remotely, home schooling, and enjoying times together, new life values are developing.  What was once important is now taking a new direction as people are wanting to Live Who there Are and in places that provide space and comfort.

The real estate market has been very active as people moved from the congested cities to the countryside or residing in their second homes as a sanctuary.  Often these second or vacation homes locations have been revaluated to become a primary home stead with many purchasing larger square footage homes and acreage in the same areas.  The luxury market has taken off in 2020 across the country.  The Luxury Report provides an excellent resource to see what is happening in your area of the country and in Hawaii.

Enjoy reading.

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