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Hawaiian Books and Music

For the history of Kauai, 'Kauai - The Separate Kingdom', by Edward Joesting.

About the State of Hawaii, we like 'Shoal of Time' by Gavan Davis, and 'Atlas of Hawaii' published by the University of Hawaii Press.

The unique and beautiful music, and many books, of Hawaii and Kauai, which will enrich your American Paradise experience, can be ordered online or at

Ultimate Kauai Guidebook THE ULTIMATE KAUA'I GUIDEBOOK, written by expert Andrew Doughty, a runaway best-seller. Andrew also has similar books on the other Hawaiian islands.

Click on this URL: and select 'Utlimate Kauai' in the upper left tab bar. This book can be ordered direct, on, or in most large bookstores. He has added a new feature which shows aerial views online of the hundreds of resorts and condos (many of which have rental possibilities in Princeville and Poipu/Koloa). Scroll down on the Ultimate Kauai page to find this ingenious service.

Health Care on Kauai

Health care on Kauai is excellent. The main hospital, Wilcox Memorial Hospital, offers a remodeled Diagnostic Imaging Center including ultrasound, MRI, CT, and X-ray. The Bone and Joint Center there offers the latest in minimally invasive knee and hip replacements. In fact, this is where famous surfer Bethany Hamilton's life was saved by the quick action of members of the ambulance and medical staff.

All but the most extreme cases are performed at Wilcox, and patients needing specialty services are flown to Straub Hospital and Clinic in Honolulu or Queen's Medical Center, both world-class medical centers.

In centrally located Kilauea, there is a first class clinic: The North Shore Medical Clinic, which is closely affiliated with the Kauai Medical Group (several dozen specialists including a renowned orthopedic group and diagnostic imaging center). This clinic and staff are a direct pipeline to the world class Straub Medical Center in Honolulu, and services VA and Kaiser enrollees, too.

Other health care services include the Kauai Medical Group, closely affiliated with Wilcox, with over 60 specialists and primary care physicians, with convenient local offices in Kilauea, Kapaa, Lihue (main Clinic), and Ele'ele. There are, in addition, physicians in practice and specialists who visit the Queen's Medical Center Kuhio Medical Center right across from Wilcox. Services such as physical therapy, dentistry, and alternative healthcare, are readily available.

There is one other acute care hospital on the west side of the island, Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital, named in honor of returning heroes from WW II.

Many first class health insurers are in Hawaii including HMSA (the Blue Cross/Blue Shield contractor), Kaiser (which local doctors honor), HMA, and others. Veterans have local services, and the famous Tripler Medical Center located in Honolulu.

Bringing Your Pet to Hawaii - Hawaii's Animal Quarantine Laws

Learn about Hawaii's animal quarantine laws, the "5-Day-or-Less Program", and how you can get LOCAL Kauai quarantine for your pets in one of the nation's leading shelters, the Kauai Humane Society.

Why does Hawaii have quarantine laws?

Hawaii is the only state in the US that is rabies-free. Hawaii's dog and cat import law is designed to protect residents, visitors and pets from the potentially serious health problems associated with the introduction and spread of rabies.

All dogs and cats regardless of age (puppies and kittens included) or purpose, must comply with Hawaii's dog and cat import requirements.

Chapter 4-29 Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) governs the importation of dogs, cats and other carnivores into Hawaii. This law states that dogs and cats meeting specific pre- and post arrival requirements, may qualify for quarantine of 5-days–or-less or direct release at Honolulu International Airport after inspection. Furthermore, the law requires dogs and cats not meeting all of the specific 5-Day-Or-Less program requirements to be quarantined for up to 120 days upon arrival In Hawaii.

Gosh! Where do I start?

The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture has a detailed brochure which explains the requirements for bringing your pet through quarantine: Hawaii Rabies Quarantine Information Brochure. Once you've looked at the information, it is important to review it in detail with your veterinarian well ahead of any plans to come to Hawaii.

What about keeping my pet in quarantine on Kauai?

The Kauai Humane Society now provides inspection of animals for entry at the Lihue airport for direct release as well as quarantine boarding of pets who don't qualify for direct release.

Where can I find more information?

State Animal Quarantine Contact Information:

Click here for the state website:
Phone: 808-483-7151
Mail: Hawaii Department of Agriculture
Animal Quarantine Station
99-951 Halawa Valley Street
Aiea, Hawaii 96701-5602

Kauai Humane Society Contact Information:

Click here for the Kauai Humane Society website:
Phone: 808-632-0610
Mail: Kauai Humane Society
P.O. Box 3330
Lihue, HI 96766-6330

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Brad Dawber Photography of Kauai
Brad Dawber Photography

Brad Dawber is the leading photographer of the scenic wonders of Kauai. His images are available framed or unframed on his website, or visit his gallery in the Princeville Shopping Center.

Hawaiiana Carvings, Jewelry, and More

'Keoni' Durant, a Native Hawaiian, is world famous, having designed and produced hand-made Hawaiiana, including tiki, jewelry, weapons, bowls, and hooks. I can attest his work is of the highest quality and fairly priced.
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